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Springtime in The Palisades is in full bloom, and it has adorned our neighborhood with stunning displays of daffodils, dogwoods, and an array of cherry tree varieties in full blossom. Springtime never fails to lift and renew my spirit with its freshness, the warmth of spring sunshine, and the beauty and newness of the natural world around us.

The bloom of Spring brought to my mind the phrase “Inspired Living in Palisades,” which is used in our brochures and website to express the essence of The Fitzgerald – where nature is an inspiration for its fresh and timeless design and where warm and welcoming hospitality is the foundation for an exquisite lifestyle.

But what does elegant design and hospitality, Kisco Confidence®, mean to our future residents? I relate it to the feeling when checking into a boutique hotel and immediately exhaling and relaxing into beautiful surroundings, assured that your “host” will receive you in a warm, friendly, and generous way and has already anticipated how to make your stay effortless, memorable, and delightful.

Beginning this month, “Inspired Living in Palisades” is a theme we’ll be exploring during our events. I look forward to seeing you at our Spring events!

As requested, we are creating a resident directory to allow our founding members the opportunity to connect outside of our scheduled events. If you would like to be included in our resident directory, please contact Megan Chun, Membership Coordinator at Also, we would like to know what information you would like to see included in the directory. Be sure to give Megan your feedback.