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February marks Black History Month, a time to commemorate and reflect on remarkable African American trailblazers who have left enduring legacies by igniting a desire for hope and change in our communities. By considering each other’s lives and experiences, and perspectives, we allow a community to be not only about what we have in common, but what makes us different.  We often use or hear the word “community” to describe the actual physical space in which our residents live and engage. We sometimes forget that the true goal of a senior living community is to deepen relationships, create feelings of belonging, and provide support for the health and wellbeing of all members.

At The Fitzgerald, our interiors are designed to develop this sense of community; one that goes far beyond just the physical space. Not only is the living space attractive and unique, but it supports residents in living a fulfilling life. Think of public or private spaces that encourage social interaction in everyday life; these are usually dining rooms and restaurants, gyms, hair salons, “man caves,” a family room, playgrounds, etc. We have created inviting and thoughtfully designed spaces for connecting with friends and neighbors daily much easier. For instance, residents who love the outdoors can connect while walking through our Art Deco-designed courtyard or meet up for a chat and cocktail at our Sky Lounge.

Feeling a sense of community doesn’t have to mean being engaged in similar activities or having conversations with others. Just being around other people, albeit silently, can have a big impact. At The Fitzgerald, we have created spaces where residents can read the paper, check their stocks, respond to emails, or work on computer skills. Residents can feel the community around them and remove a sense of isolation, even if not engaging in conversation. Think of it as similar to how we might spend time reading or working at a coffee shop rather than at home.

Woman sitting on the sofa wrapped in light blanket while sipping something out of a mug. With all this talk of socialization, it can be common for new residents to worry about how they will make friends and fit into a vibrant senior living community. Here’s the good news: senior living communities aren’t just for social butterflies! It is our goal to build our community now. Leading up to our opening we will continue to host a variety of events. I encourage you to join us in person and to be a part of building our community now!