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If you’ve been searching for the perfect location to live in the most comfortable, elegant, and worry-free way possible, look no further than The Fitzgerald of Palisades. Ensuring your move into The Fitzgerald Palisades goes as smoothly as possible can be simple as long as you are prepared. Moving is often an exciting time. However, with all the activity of moving into your new home, you need to be sure that you are prepared for the changes that come along with it. Get started on your planning today with help from our team!

When people move from a single-family home to a smaller space, like an apartment, downsizing is often an integral part of the process and can become a project in itself.  The primary type of residents at The Fitzgerald are people who have “become empty nesters” and who are now realizing that there are a lot of rooms they don’t even use. As their children go on to have their own families, lifestyles change, too. A transition from a larger home necessitates a reassessment of one’s household items, furniture, kitchen items, clothes, books, and so forth.  Whether you’re willing to make an investment and hire an organizer or get a friend to help, making sure that decluttering, downsizing, and donating goes thoroughly and well planned will pay off.

We’re very pleased that demand is so high for The Fitzgerald of Palisades to open! Future residents recognize that we’re extremely unique in our design, resident-focused, and quality-experience-driven, all coupled with our excellent urban walkable location. Secure your priority reservation now to receive your first choice of apartment home at pre-leasing prices.