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As we celebrate National Nutrition Month, we’re reminded of the vital role that nutrition plays in maintaining health, especially within senior living communities. The Fitzgerald of Palisades, a Kisco Signature® community, is preparing to deliver exceptional dining experiences upon opening in late 2024.

The Fitzgerald’s dining philosophy goes beyond ordinary expectations. We view food as a means for fostering connection, healing, and celebration, a mindset that will permeate our dining strategy. By focusing on local and seasonal produce, we aim to support not only the health of our future residents but also local farmers, adding a distinct touch of regional flavors to our meals.

Nutritional needs become increasingly vital with age, which is why our culinary team will meticulously craft menus rich in essential nutrients, catering to the specific health needs of our residents. Our comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that every meal is a source of joy and introduces a variety of flavors and cultural experiences.

In addition to meeting nutritional essentials, our goal is to create dining experiences that ignite joy, rekindle memories, and introduce residents to new tastes and cultures. We plan to incorporate superfoods to boost immunity and ensure that our meals are balanced to support energy and overall wellness.

Our kitchen will create dishes that are not only visually stunning but also packed with flavor and nutritional value, catering to diverse dietary needs. From omega-3-rich seafood to vibrant, antioxidant-filled fruits and vegetables, our menu will be crafted to energize and nourish. A standout feature in all of our dishes will be our efforts paying homage to and exemplifying our dedication to local culinary traditions and nutritional excellence.

Menu diversity will be a cornerstone of our culinary identity, integrating a range of cultural traditions to ensure our offerings are both nutritious and enriching. This exploration of different dishes and ingredients will underscore our dedication to global culinary flavors.

As we prepare for our grand opening, we are steadfast in our commitment to exceeding the expectations of our future residents. We strive to blend comfort with innovation, providing nourishment for the body and delight for the senses.

We look forward to welcoming you in late 2024, to celebrate good health, exceptional food, and the joy of shared meals. Join us at The Fitzgerald, where every dining experience will signify a step toward enhanced well-being and discovery.