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As The Fitzgerald of Palisades continues to prepare the community for their first residents, the leadership team is proud to announce a series of partnerships embodying its The Art of Living Well® philosophy. Connections with prestigious cultural and intellectual institutions such as The Kennedy Center, the International Spy Museum, and the Library of Congress significantly enhance the resident experience. By seamlessly integrating luxury living with educational collaborations and the arts, The Fitzgerald will cultivate a vibrant and dynamic community that thrives on growth and cultural enrichment.

The Fitzgerald’s diverse offerings are not just about luxury; they are a vital component of a proactive approach to health and well-being. The community’s team also is engaged with the latest cognitive health research findings, including a recent NIH study, involving more than 8,000 adult participants.  The study highlights the importance of a multifaceted lifestyle in reducing dementia risk. Notably, the study found that engaging in intellectual, social, and culturally enriching activities significantly decreases the risk of dementia.

Partnering with Washington’s iconic cultural institutions

The Fitzgerald has strengthened its commitment to educational enrichment for residents through partnerships with acclaimed institutions like The Kennedy Center and the Library of Congress. These collaborations provide residents with exclusive access to educational programs, unique artistic experiences, and lifelong learning opportunities. For instance, in partnership with the National Symphony Orchestra, memory care residents can experience the therapeutic benefits of music and wellness combined.

The Library of Congress also offers unique life learning opportunities through exclusive events, keynote speakers, and unique educational experiences. Residents will have the opportunity to assist with digitizing records like the historic John F. Kennedy’s Journal and the Veteran’s History Project, with an emphasis on the Vietnam War.

Local business experiences

The Fitzgerald’s Signature Wellness Program gives unique opportunities to its residents in collaboration with the International SPY Museum (SPY). SPY offers an exclusive experience with its ‘Spy with Me’ interactive exhibit for dementia patients. Older adults with dementia have the chance to experience historical spy stories, with their caregivers, through music and artifacts.